Monday, January 30, 2006



You know what would be cool? A map of all the towers in the U.S. TV and radio towers; cell towers.

Some towers are covered with a lot of stuff. Some are austere. In stormy weather they look scary.

I like how they're often wildly out of place with the surrounding architecture. A bunch of strip malls and this huge thing.

From my back window I can see a tower, but only in winter, when the leaves are gone. In the spring it slowly gets covered up.

At night, their blinking red lights are a little spooky and mini-hypnotic. Near a tower would be a good place to start a science fiction novel or have a date.

I also like old pictures of radio towers with lightening bolts coming out of it.

Instead of a map, I think an atlas would be better. It would convey more information. One page would show concentrations of towers across the USA (and Canada), weighted by height. Like one of those graphs where there are spikes. Of course, I'd want some statistics: tallest (by state), oldest, one with the most stuff on it. Most interesting name. Northernmost one. Surely there are at least 50 people interested in this (mostly guys, I'm thinking.) For all I know there's a Yahoo news group. I'm sort of afraid to check.

If I was traveling I would definitely take this treasure-filled book with its multiple map inserts with me. If I was in a new town, walking around, or taking a cab, I would have my book out and see some of these towers that until then I had only read about. I could take a tower tour. Maybe meet up with other tower enthusiasts.

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