Monday, July 14, 2008



Kenny Rodgers

I Just Checked in (to See What Condition My Condition was in) — cool; psychedelic.

Ruby (Don't Take Your Love to Town) — powerful.

The Gambler — a collection of cliches.

You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me, Lucille
One time when I went home from college during Christmas break (as it was called back then), a guy I sort of knew offered me a ride as far as Chicago. I said ok. He was an AM disc jockey. I was afraid he was going to play AM radio the whole trip. He said "No, I've got some tapes." I was relieved.

It turns out the tapes were of his radio shows, and they included commercials. "You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me, Lucille" must have been on the play list at the time he made the recordings, which was about a week before we left, I think. He played the tapes non-stop. Driving from Idaho to Chicago, I must have heard that song 50 times. At night, to save money, we found a state park or empty field and set up a tent. He brought in his tape player, with the tapes of his shows, and played them for about an hour each night. I remember thinking "This is so obnoxiously bizarre...I'll write about it some day."

That duet with Dolly Parton — still not sure what to think of that.

Kenny Rogers Roasters — Great Seinfeld episode.




Funny thing about cats #104: You're on the computer. Kitty comes in to get you. He's very friendly, but it's clear he's here on business, not just to visit. "OK, what do you want, kitty?" you say as you get up. He leads you to the kitchen. He's got plenty of food in his bowl. Once you're both in there, he starts eating. He just wanted company.


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